Thousand Scales

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The Ministries of the Thousand Scales form the Imperial Bureaucracy of the Realm. They run the day-to-day functions of the Realm ranging from collecting taxes to publishing the debates of the Deliberative.

The bureaucrats of the Ministries are almost entirely mortal Dynasts and patricians, with only the highest ranks home to the Exalted. Positions are filled and new clerks recruited through a system of comprehensive examinations held annually in the Imperial City.

There are well over a hundred divisions within the ministries and some of them are quite small and others are mundane (tracking standardized weights and measures). However, there are some ministers and ministries that are powerful enough to help shape policy in the Realm... though this power has seen them come under political attack from Great Houses displeased to see possible rivals within the Realm’s structure. Each member of the Thousand Scales wears a badge to mark their rank.

The most important ministries are the Assessors, who collect the Realm's taxes; the Imperial Treasury, which decides how that money will be spent; and the Foreign Office, which advised the Empress (and now the Regent) on foreign policy. Recently, following the Empress' disappearance, these three ministries successfully pushed for the removal of the Magistrates from oversight over the Thousand Scales, but they have been loosing power to the Great Houses as time passes.

Technically, the Imperial Legions were part of the Thousand Scales, until the ministers transferred them to care of the Great Houses.

Departments and Ministries of the Thousand Scales

Imperial Treasury

Humble And Honest Assessors Of The Imperial Tax

Wise and Knowledgeable Advisors of Foreign Tributaries

Bureau of Climatic Deliberations

Honorable and Humble Caretakers of the Common Folk

--- Devoted Wellspring of Municipal Beneficence

--- Eternally Vigilant Wardens of Detritus

--- Imperial Census

--- Guardians of the Realm

--- --- Imperial Force

--- Benevolent Stewards of Health and Utility

--- Determined Brigades Firm against Blazing Conflagration

Imperial Library

--- Keepers of Records and Notable Events

--- Office of Censors

Infallible Conveyors of Official Messages and Heartfelt Expressions (Imperial Post)

Imperial Ministry of Jade Management and Mountain Folk Relations

Incorruptible Observers of Geomantic Harmony

Ever-Flowing Office of Foreign Acquisitions

Keepers of the Mandate

Meticulous Administrators of Accredited Concurrences and Mercantile Contracts

Ministry of Renewal

Ministry of the Imperial Gardens

Northern Juche Militia

Office of the Divine Elemental Essence

Office of the Imperial Overseer of Airships

Ministry of Natural Coordination

Principled Upholders of Perfected Mandates

Righteous and Accountable Ministry of Weights and Measures

Righteous and Perfect Examiners of Illicit Scents {Jade Sniffers}

Right and Responsible Office of Official Education

Splendid and Just Arbiters of Purpose

--- Icy Constables of Enlightenment

Wardens of the Blessed Journey

--- Wardens of the Broad and Twisting Journey

--- Wardens of the High and Winding Journey

--- Wardens of the True and Turning Journey

--- Wardens of the Wide and Steady Journey

--- Wardens of the Strong and Flowing Journey

White Ministry

--- Secretariat of Minor Charms and Baubles

Azure Department for the Smooth and Harmonious Transport of Materials

Nine Jade Bureau for the Preservation of Immortal Works

Chamber of Florid and Fluid Masters of Pen and Brush {the Imperial Registry} (dispersed)

--- Infallible Arbitrators of the Imperial Way (dispersed)

Enlightened Regulators of Essence Engineering (dissolved)

Immovable Gatekeepers of the Ancient Paths (dissolved)

Ministry of Scrupulous Observance of History (dissolved)

Thousandfold Transformation Office (dissolved)

Purveyors of Sweet Winds and Happy Ways (dissolved)

Subtle and Skillful Sentries of the Generous Purse (all contact lost)

Efficient and Exemplary Manciples of the Martial Table (dispersed)

Imperial Legions (dispersed)