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Getting started


--- Pages for Nexus , Thorns , Caltia the Eternal , Greyfalls , Lookshy (and how its totally Metal Gear-meets-DPRK) , The Lap , The Guild (and its Lunar Crossroads Society connection), Haslanti League (and traditions of high-risk Iceboat piloting), Chiaroscuro‏‎ , Varangia , Golden-Eyed Jorst , Sijan , Unconquered Sun , Icewalker , seasonal spirit-concubines and the transition from Terrestrial to Elemental harems, Aleval's magical mushrooms, as many Senators as possible because politics, Cynis Patila (perfume artist of the Scarlet Dynasty), Helmed Crab.

--- {Thousand Scales ministries complete: 48%} ,

--- {Mushrooms complete: 99%} .

--- Get Wall Street out of our posting.


--- Sesus Septimus' crazy adventures in the Battle on the Wall of Ice

--- Complete list of canon Weapons (for combat mechanics fix purposes)

--- Various theological and erotic scrolls of the Immaculate Texts

--- Craft guild that builds musical instruments

--- A Property To Be Bought by Double Ransom (play)

--- Editing of pages (particularly NPCs) to update with encounters and information learned through play (updating articles and/or Discussion pages for NPCs detailing interactions, sightings,, observations, etc).

--- Assistance in putting pages into proper categories (class, type, aspect, House, etc... both into existing categories and new ones as appropriate).

--- The many Yeddims of Creation

--- Eastern above-canopy biome


1) A way to import/recreate the character template box in similar fashion to the official Exalted wiki as seen here... of particular use would be having the template auto-convert stat numbers to display dots, and box background colouring (via use of hex codes based on type and aspect). Replicating some of the features there, like template for displaying circlemates and auto-linking to categories, is less vital. I think we MAY need the Scribunto extension (hah!) and maybe HTML tidy?

2) LocalSettings.php edits

--- Enable linking to externally-hosted images

--- Fix to sidebars (at least on my browsers, they end up pushed to the bottom of articles instead of on the side. They're coded based on Wikipedia, and that worked on the previous version of this wiki as well... is there a wiki setting that could cause issues, or is it a change I need to make in the sidebars themselves?

3) A way to recreate/import the Geographic Location Template seen on Wikipedia ([1]), particularly useful for mapping out Imperial City wards and the prefectures of the Blessed Isle.


- Fixing Training and Ability-Specialty System: DONE (Specialty-based Ability training, see Training and Specialties)

- Fixing DB Elemental Craft Charm Void: DONE sort-of (by way of moving Elemental Empowerment from Sorcery to Charm).

- Fixing Elemental Concentration Trance: DONE (by adding risk factors for people who Charm-away all concerns but reading).

- Fixing Unsleeping Earth Meditation: DONE (by slight changes to remove some control ala ECT and preserve the original intent of sacrificing WP recovery)

- Fixing Sorcery: See Below.

--- Rebalancing and diversifying sorcerous spells: IN PROCESS (primarily using Limited Reagent's Book of the Emerald Circle.

--- Expanding and clarifying the array of Necromantic & Sorcerous Schools (including metaphysical outlooks and Absorptions): IN PROCESS

--- Restructuring the systems for Thaumaturgy: IN PROCESS.

- Fixing Martial Arts: IN PROCESS (by divorcing Martial Arts Styles from the Martial Arts Ability and into the actually-appropriate Abilities, and then getting rid of the aforementioned ability altogether because there is no legitimate reason not to call it Brawl. Form Weapon adjustment also pending).

--- Fixing Even Blade Style: DONE (by replacing it with slightly adapted version of Drifting Clouds Style by Bolo on

--- Fixing Immaculate Styles: IN PROCESS. Fire Dragon is completed. Enlightenment Charms completed. Staff as universal form weapon to be added.

- Fixing and Clarifying Crafting: See Below

--- Fixing and Clarifying the Craft Abilities: DONE (See Craft (Ability), its subordinate Crafts, and Esoteric Crafting.

--- Converting Crafting from a downtime-requiring process to an in-play time scale which can convert to downtime scale as needed: DONE (see Artifact Creation).

--- Clarifying the role and mechanics of Maintenance and Repair for advanced artifacts: IN PROCESS (notes need compiling and editing).

- Fixing Ticks & Combat: IN PROCESS via Strength Rebalance, tick fix may be waiting on 3e (ticks are bad. The only people who like them are Final Fantasy scrubs who never actually play Exalted *badum-tsssh*)

--- Fixing Grapple: DONE (see Grappling, and a slight change in Charms (Fire): Dodge which turns a speedbump into pure gold).

- Fixing Social Combat: IN PROCESS, with added diversity to comparative App ratings, but major work still to be done (goal to ensure working as the intended WP sink without bogging down casual conversations)

- Fixing DEX/APP/WITS Dominance: is totally happening RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. Feats of Strength Rebalance, Damage Rebalance, Strength bonus rebalance in response to the aforementioned damage rebalance, Stamina-based Health Levels, comparative APP diveristy in Social Combat. Wits is the least offensive due to the fact each Mental attribute applies to a different subset of actions, and may not need alteration.

- Hearthstone Rebalance: IN PROCESS. Taking stones out of the realm of straight dice-adders and totally-awesome-versus-totally-worthless-in-the-same-dot-rating, adding more situational effects and balancing drawbacks.

- Fixing Virtues to make them more relevant and interesting: IN PROCESS by some scrib, what a terrible person.

- Creating a system for the creation and effects of art (poems, plays, stories, paintings, etc): IN PROCESS

- Creating a system for bureaucracy/commercial enterprises/organizational management/ actually having a mechanical presence that can combine realism, interest, and something for all these roll and Charm mechanics to work with: IN PROCESS

QUESTIONS AND REQUESTED PAGES: What info do scribs need? List here, will see what can be done.