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The Shadow of the Throne Wiki is a repository of rules and setting knowledge for the Shadow of the Throne roleplaying campaign, set in the world and ruleset of White Wolf's Exalted.

The philosophy underlying the Shadow of the Throne wiki is one that can (and ought) be applied to any roleplaying game, any setting: the world is wide, it is varied, it is filled with countless cultures and people, each with their own idiosyncrasies and perspectives, interests and conflicts. The peasant one passes as one travels from magic shop to dungeon does not vanish when he is lost to sight over the horizon, the king offering a quest to adventurers choses his words and his rewards based on motives personal and political. Characters have favourite foods, and traveling distant climes can find them impossible to obtain... or worse, find that someone has replaced the sweet cream sauce of a true Spun Wrap with some abomination made from lemons! And, for each person existing now, there have been many who came before, and each has contributed to building the past of the world, the history that continues to teach lessons and exert influence.

Building a world with that level of depth is an impossibility... there are too many factors, too many people, to do it all. But for a player, outside of a world that exists only in the imagination, putting themselves INTO that world, playing a role, demands that the truths of that world be pushed into being as broadly and as deeply as possible. With that, each player can build and roleplay a character that exists as a part of that world, organically born from it, rather than slapped down on top.

Shadow of the Throne is the result of a lot of work... the canonical published information from the Exalted game line, discussions and debates amongst players and Storytellers for this and other Exalted campaigns, enlightened analysis and merciless flame wars across innumerable forums and discussion groups, poetry and literature and recipies and art recontextualized to different worlds & different times, content from other game lines and other campaigns that was stumbled upon and borrowed or adapted or fixed or parodied over the decade. Credit where credit is due, though unfortunately (particularly for things half-remembered or borrowed ten years ago) specifics of source may have been forgotten. Our content in turn is open to be borrowed and adapted, made use of beyond the little circle that first concieved of it.

It's pretty great stuff.