Right and Responsible Office of Official Education

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The Right and Responsible Office of Official Education is a department of the Thousand Scales which accredits the various schools of the Realm. While education in the Realm is funded by private donatives and tuition, the Office analyzes various schools to ensure their curriculums are proper and to laud their successes or condemn their failings. It is the Office that declares the House of Bells, Spiral Academy, Cloister of Wisdom, and Heptagram to be the greatest schools of Creation in an annual review of the Realm's secondary schools.

The Office also reviews primary schools, and its annual list of the Realm’s top five schools is widely read and quite influential. While it has rarely occupied the pinnacle spot, the Academy for Cultivation of Youthful Talents in the Imperial City is the only primary school to have held post in the top five since it was founded.

The Office also plays a more direct role in education: it administers directly the secondary school known as the Spiral Academy. This close link with a bureaucratic school has meant the Office can supply its fellow departments with unpaid labour to push papers and complete forms, something increasingly appreciated as budgets shrink in the absence of the Empress.

Head: Minister of Education, currently Sesus Valtor