Principled Upholders of Perfected Mandates

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The Principled Upholders of Perfected Mandates are a small department of the Thousand Scales, tasked with the maintenance and enforcement of the Imperial Monopolies.

The Upholders stand in many ways as a mixture of the Contract Courts within the Meticulous Administrators of Accredited Concurrences and Mercantile Contracts, and the criminal investigators of the Imperial Magistracy. They sometimes stage syurprise inspections, but most often act in response to complaints submitted by the holders of monopoly rights, investigating the possible breach. Should they find that the monopoly has been violated, they oversee siezure of everything involved in violating the monopoly, including any profits gained from the violation, transferring it all to the monopoly holder. After this process, their evidence is submitted to the Magistrates for criminal investigation and punishments.

The Upholders were one of the departments slated for disbandment in the Imperial Treasury cutbacks of recent years, but several private entities have arranged to provide funding to keep several branch offices of the Upholders in operation. Worrying to some, House Cynis has declared that should the Thousand Scales declare itself unable to accomplish the task, it will recall the Red Piss Legion to take up the task of enforcing its monopoly rights on the Blessed Isle.

Head: Minister of Preserving Rights, currently Cathak Kashyda.