Sesus Septimus

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"I tried fun once, it was awful."

Name: Sesus Chenow Septimus

Age: 25

Aspect: Wood

Concept: Honourable hero in a Realm that isn't.

Anima: Maelstrom of Autumn Leaves

Motivation: "Lead the 4th Legion To Victory"

Intimacies: Ledaal Kitsume (true love 3), Ledaal Primus (paternal love 3), 4th Legion (lead to victory 3), House Sesus (loyalty 3), Tepet Sorae (comrade 3), Sesus Zhoutai (brother in arms 3), Gahar'ai (cherished pet 3), the Realm (duty 3), Cathak Okubo (avenge 3)


Strength ●●●●o
Dexterity ●●●●o
Stamina ●●ooo

Charisma ●●●oo
Manipulation ●●ooo
Appearance ●●●●o

Perception ●●ooo
Intelligence ●●ooo

Wits ●●●oo


Linguistics ●●●
Lore ●●
Occult ●
Stealth ●
Thrown 0

Bureaucracy ●
Investigation ●
Larceny 0
Brawl ●●●
Sail 0

Awareness ●
Craft 0
Integrity ●●
Resistance ●
War ●●●(X)

Athletics ●
Dodge 0
Melee ●●●(X)
Presence ●●●(X)
Socialize ●●●

Archery ●●(X)
Medicine ●●(X)
Performance ●●(X)
Ride ●●●(X)

Survival ●●(X)

Melee: Direlance 1
Ride: Simhata 2
War: Cavalry 3

High Realm
Low Realm


Compassion ●●● (1 channel used)
Conviction ●●● (1 channel used)
Temperance ●●● (1 channel used)
Valor ●●● (1 channel used)

Willpower: 7 - 7/7 WP Points

Limit: 7 (the madness is lifting...)


Resources 3

Backing 3 (Winglord of the 4th Imperial Legion, 1st Dragon 2nd Wing)

Connections 1 (Imperial Legions-Cathak Caiji)

Connections 1 (House Sesus-Sesus Kenruyo)

Allies 2 (Ledaal Kitsume, Sesus Zhoutai)

Manse 2 (Stone of Humble Glory, Sentinel's Stone)

Artifact 3 (Direlance, Articulated Plate, Hearthstone Amulet)

Command 3

Familiar 3 (Gahar'ai)

Reputation 3

Henchmen 2 (Cynis Fandral, Peleps Hogun, Sesus Volstagg)

Retainers 1 (Dutiful Blade, Fried Dumpling)

Mentor 2 (Sesus Dochao)


Code of Honour 3

Oathbound 3 (Resources)



Wedding Ring

Burgundy Legion Uniform


Foe-Crushing Generator of Lamentations - (Artifact 4+2) A suit of fearsome black jade Articulated Plate, gifted to Septimus by his Chenow relatives upon his wedding to Ledaal Kitsume.

Heartsbane - (Artifact 2) A wedding gift from Ledaal Mercurio, a wicked Direlance of green jade, meticulously forged to look like a single branch of wood, complete with intricate knots, whorls, and a bark pattern providing a sure grip. It's razor-sharp blade features a deceptively minimalist design, as if an axe blade was hastily used to carve an edge into a living bough.

The Matrix of Perfected Leadership - (Artifact 1) A Hearthstone Amulet of white jade, supposedly crafted by the mountain folk using ore from the base of the Imperial Mountain itself. Gifted to Septimus by his parents upon his Exaltation, it was the only remaining piece of their ancestral panapoly that had not be reappropriated by their house.

Manses & Hearthstones

The Sentinel's Stone - Hearthstone from Sentinel’s Hearth. Narrow black streaks run through this spherical, smoky-white stone. At night, the streaks seem to move in a slow circle. The stone grants a +1 bonus to all Awareness rolls, increasing to +3 if the bearer specifically stands watch. Set in Heartsbane.

Stone of Humble Glory - This faceted pentagonal jewel shines like a silvery mirror. It grants a bonus equal to the average of the bearer’s Conviction and Temperance (round up) to any Social roll where he tells the truth without exaggeration or deliberate deception. Set in the Matrix of Perfected Leadership.


1st Melee Excellency

1st Ride Excellency

1st War Excellency

Wind-Carrier Words Technique

Dragon-Graced Weapon

Glowing Coal Radiance

Great Heart Companion

Essence: 2

Personal (Committed): 7/7 (0)

Peripheral (Committed): 6/18 (12)

Personal Information

Birthplace: Blood and Iron, Eagle Prefecture

Age of Exaltation: 15

Primary School: Academy for Cultivation of Youthful Talents

Secondary School: House of Bells

Current Dwelling: Sentinel’s Hearth, Scarlet Prefecture

Tendencies & Preferences

Favourite Food: Battle Crab

Favourite Beverage: Black Tea, spiced Rum

Most Disliked Tastes/Scents: Leeks

Sexual Preference: Ledaal Kitsume

Favoured Immaculate temple: Temple of He who hath Strewn much Grass

Preferred Entertainment: Training drills, hot tubs

Favoured Music/Instrument: Marching songs

Preferred Reading Material: War stories of the Scarlet Empire

Preferred Combat Art: The joust, wielding a direlance from atop a simhata

Secret Favorite Taste: Blood, belonging to an exalt in particular

Most Disliked Anything Ever: Decadence!



Sesus Chenow Rokuko (mother)

Cathak Garel Gracchus (father)

Ledaal Cycel Kitsume (wife)

Ledaal Cycel Primus (The Boy)