Feats of Strength

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Feats of Strength continue to work as described in the Exalted core rulebook pp.127, with the following errata:

- When determining what Feats a character is capable of on the table, do not include Athletics: only Strength is considered.

- For throwing an object as a Feat of Strength, the character must be able to lift the object based on their Str rating. Their ability to throw the object is determined by Str+Athletics, as described on pp.127.

- For Coordinated Feats of Strength, the cap on dice added by additional participants is equal to the Str of the leader, not Athletics.

- ‘Feats of Strength’ is a valid specialty for both Strength and Athletics, provided a character is able to take specialties for the appropriate trait. In either case this adds to Str for purposes of capability on the Feats of Strength table. Note that in the case of Athletics this does not mean that Athletics dice are rolled or that Athletics charms are applicable: additional successes and dice added by Athletics charms are ignored.

- Stunts may be performed, Virtues may be channeled and Willpower spent to increase capability on the Feats of Strength table. In the case of a Stunt or a Virtue channel, the Stunt bonus or Virtue is added directly to STR before consulting the table. In the case of WP, one Willpower point is spent and the character rolls Willpower, adding +1 to STR for each success rolled when consulting the table.