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An index of books, essays, anthologies, and artistic presentations, sorted by subject.


Religion & Occult

Nourishing Life - heretical Shogunate metaphysics essay.

Science & Medicine

Canon of Sextes Jylis - medical compendium

Manuals & Training

Thousand Correct Actions of the Upright Soldier - military manual.

Quest of the Peaceful Lover - erotic manual.

The Way of Hand and Mouth - erotic manual.

History & Geography

Life Amongst the Varang - Guidebook to the culture of the Varang City-States.

The Heroic Stand of General Ctaru - Realm Legion history text.

A Brief Summation of pre-Imperial failures in Tactical Manoeuvres against the Fae - Massive text on Shogunate history.

Notable Ruins of the Southern Threshold - Introductory text to the ruins of the South.

Flame Soaring Ascendant over Desert Sands Southern operations on behalf of the Daimyo at Chiaroscuro - Shogunate history text.

Defensive Strategies of the Late Shogunate - Shogunate history text.

A Summation of the Battle at Teran-woo Bridge - Analysis of the historic Contagion-era battle at Teran-woo.

A record of Lion Fae Incursions in the Late Shogunate - Shogunate history text.

Suppression of Wyld-madness in the Outer Slums of Chiaroscuro - Shogunate history text.

Theredin Ruin - A History - Shogunate history text.


Poems by Rawar - Poetry from Imperial Consort Rawar.

Autumn Meditations - Shogunate poetry from Du Fu.

Spring Essence - Erotic poetry from Cynis Hoxuan

A neglected wife - Poem encouraging fidelity.

Entwined by the Window - Beat poem from Cynis Mashu.

Afternoon showers - Romantic poetry from Peleps Planebu.

Ode to the Anus - Poetry from Cynis Anjin.

Reflections on the Inner Sea - Poetry from Ledaal Evelot.

The Drowning Flesh - Poetry from Peleps Morvern.

Hidden Places - Poetry from Cynis Norduka.

Dewdrops in the Deep - Erotic poetry from Cynis Merric.

Ripples Sifting Sand - Poetry from Cynis Li'yu.

Songs of Innocence and Experience - Poetry from Cynis Burake.

Irreverence in Verse - Heretical poetry by Ragara Ikkyu.

A Walk amongst the Cherry Blossoms - Ishin shishi poetry from Tepet Shogo.

Ten-Thousand Tra-Las - Foppish poetry from Cynis Tiir.

Plays & Music

The Peach Blossom Fan - Classic Shogunate play.

Palace of Eternal Life - Shogunate play.

Hitting the Heiress while Drunk - Comedic Shogunate play.

Haruko - Realm play, set in the Shogunate.

Instruction of a Wastrel - Comedic/romantic Realm play, set in the Shogunate.