Dome of Enlightened Martyrdom

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The Immaculate Faith in Miwoc has a long history, with a large monastery complex known as the Dome of Enlightened Martyrdom located outside Bay of Roots, founded during the Shogunate Era for pilgrims coming to contemplate the depictions of Creation’s hellish past under rule of the Anathema which were to be found in the nearby Well of Law.

The Dome became a center for refugees fleeing the devastation of the Great Contagion, and a political center for the adherents of the Immaculate Faith in the region as they contended with the Cult of the Zenith and the coalescing Hundred Gods Pantheon. The monks of the Dome, known for conventional orthodoxy, were eager supporters of the shape taken by the Immaculate Order during the COUNCIL OF NOTCEA, though they initially took a looser approach to definition of iconoclasm than became standard for the Order. They also supported the Realm’s involvement in Miwoc, until it became clear that this would not elevate them above their rival faiths, and in the centuries since have been known to firmly support the Order and its agenda in face of secular Scarlet Empire authorities.

The monastery is made up of a fortified wall and minaret towers surrounding several monastic buildings, including dormitories, meditation chambers, practice yards, and a school for teaching religion and literacy to children. Some can be boarded at the school, but many come from families in Bay of Roots and walk to and from the school each day… while those who attend do not have to be of the Immaculate Faith, the religious instruction means few families adhering to the Pantheon or Zenith Cult want their offspring to attend. Beneath, supply cellars keep stores to support the monastery and refugees in event of a siege.

The largest building, giving the monastery its name, is topped with an expansive dome tiled in Lapis Lazuli, beneath which sermons and prayer ceremonies are conducted.