Dramatis Personae Index

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House Cathak

Cathak Okubo – fallen friend.

House Cynis

Cynis Tiir [PC]

House Iselsi

Mnemon Icheka [PC]

House Ledaal

Ledaal Shinjo [PC]

Ledaal Kitsume – worried wife.

House Mnemon

House Nellens

House Peleps

House Ragara

Ragara Thannak-Tyros [PC]

House Sesus

Sesus Septimus [PC]

House Tepet

Tepet Sorae [PC]

Tepet Alris – awful adolescent.

House V'neef

V’neef Cejanis [PC]

The Middle Classes (patricians, bureaucrats, & legionnaires)

Verdant Moss - Cejanis' chief of staff.

The Underclasses (peasants, slaves, outlaws, & the disenfranchised)

Lower than the Low (demons, elementals, pets, and other creatures)

Gahar'ai - lion horse