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Ananasa is the god of Spiders and Spider Silk, serving as Daimyo of Arachnids in the Silken Society of the Bureau of Nature’s Hierarchy of Type.

Ananasa is a potent force in Celestial Bureaucracy, though he has earned as many enemies as allies as he weaves his web of connections. Always impeccably dressed in the finest of divine silks, he is a presence at all the best parties in Yu Shan, with a reputation for his ability to ensnare his fellow guests with interesting conversation, whether they wish it or not.

Ananasa is ambitious and proud, holding that his office and its arachnids are not merely another form of ‘insect’, but a whole type in of themselves, and that his title of Daimyo ought be elevated to that of ‘Eminence of Arachnids’, and its work removed from the Committee of Notch and Number. That committee and its Eminence work hard to suppress his machinations, but Ananasa has many allies in the Bureau of Nature, and several more in the Bureau of Humanity due to alliances and arrangements made around the valued silk of spiders.

Ananasa has also asserted that the Pattern Spiders, as spiders, belong under his authority. For their part, the machine-gods seem to pay these claims no heed, and Asna Firstborn endures his suggestion the two ought wed without comment.

Amongst his enemies in Heaven, Ananasa includes the powerful Storm Serpent Nasri, General of the Aerial Legion. Most have forgotten the source of the ill-will, with Ananasa claiming it a misunderstanding and Nasri refusing to speak of it save to decry his naked ambition, but at one time the acrimony had become intense indeed: during the First Age, before Sol Invictus had turned from Creation, the Most High himself felt compelled to intervene, halting the worst of their feuding though their dislike has still simmered ever since.