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Perhaps the most popular and widespread of street foods in Creation is the dish called the ‘Spun Wrap’, originating in the Cuisine of the River Province, where Spun Meat is shaved and placed in a River flatbread wrap along with sauce, vegetables, and pickles. A number of regional variations have emerged.

--- Traditional Spun Wrap: The traditional version, found in Nexus (which claims to be the origin of the dish) and most other cities of the Confederation of Rivers, consists of shaved lamb or marinated chicken, topped with a cucumber-yogurt sauce, along with onions, pickles, and roasted tomatoes.

--- Bean Fritter Spun Wrap: Similar to the traditional spun wrap, this vegetarian version replaces the spun meat with several bean fritter patties. It is favoured most along the eastern border of the Scavenger Lands and in Chaya, as well as amongst adherents of the Immaculate Order seeking to advance along the path of enlightenment.

--- Lookshy Spun Wrap: This version, found in Lookshy, is known as a Lookshy Spun Wrap there and a Garrulous Spun Wrap elsewhere in the River Province, where it is considered a rather barbaric meal. Where spun wraps normally contain only a single source of meat, the Lookshy wrap contains multiple sources, a result of shortages and rationing within Lookshy limiting ability to secure large amounts of a single meat. The mixed meat is topped with a hummus sauce, along with onions and pickles.

--- Southern Spun Wrap: The Southern version is seen most often in the southern towns of the River Province , particularly Celeren and Thorns. It consists of shaved beef, topped with a sweet and sour lemon sauce, along with pickles (including generous amounts of hot peppers).

--- Drunken Spun Wrap: The Drunken Spun Wrap is seen most often in the northern River Province states such as Calin, and also across the Inner Sea on the Eastern coast of the Blessed Isle, where it has a long history as a citizen food dating from the waves of collaborationist refugees who came to the Isle when the Realm failed to emerge victorious in its Invasions of the Scavenger Lands. It consists of shaved marinated chicken, topped with a garlic-sesame sauce, along with lettuce, onions, fresh tomatoes, pickles, and fried potatoes. Its name comes from its reputation as a snack to finish off a night of heavy indulgence in ales and rice wine.

--- Arjuf Spun Wrap: The Arjuf spun wrap is perhaps the most distant from its River Province origins, found on the Southern coast of the Blessed Isle and coastal Southern states such as The Lap and Chiaroscuro. It retains the River flatbread wrap, though favouring a drier texture, and uses beef and breadcrumbs as well as a thick sweet sauce of cream and cane sugar along with vinegar. Some local variants retain the tomatoes and onions of traditional spun wraps, others add cheese, and still others stuff in both.

Denizens of the River Province travelling abroad, excited to find a familiar spun wrap, have been known to vomit when trying to consume Arjuf wraps.