Sesus Hikaru

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Type: Dragonblooded

Aspect: Fire

Titles: Dragonlord (4th Imperial Legion); Winglord (1st Imperial Legion), transferred; shikari (Wyld Hunt), former;

Residence: Brazen Stronghold (Imperial Palace)

Sesus Kajak Hikaru is an officer of the 4th Imperial Legion, currently serving as Dragonlord of the 4th Legion’s 8th Dragon, a medium infantry formation quartered at the Brazen Stronghold. He counts the Blade of Passage amongst his panoply, a trophy of service to the Wyld Hunt.

Hikaru’s Legion career began with subalternship and commission in the 1st Imperial Legion. As was typical for Dynasts serving in the Imperial Garrison, Hikaru was involved in politics as well as military service, resulting in marriage to Deliberative Senator Ragara Utada.

Immediately following the marriage, Hikaru was dispatched by the 1st Legion to represent them on a number of Threshold deployments in aid of the Wyld Hunt, remaining on such assignments for many decades. Though his martial skill was acclaimed and he was promoted to the rank of winglord, Legion command never recalled him back to the Blessed Isle, while Deliberative duty and politics kept his spouse in the Imperial City, leaving them little opportunity for consummation and casting a shadow over the union. An insubordinate confrontation with his superiors resulted in Hikaru’s transfer to the 4th Legion, and the couple was not able to conceive until he was granted temporary leave to return to the Isle by strategoi Sesus Dochao in RY766

Alas, ill fate followed the couple, and after Hikaru had returned to the Campaign against the Anathema-Voivode Senator Utada suffered a miscarriage, which the couple attributes to assassination by political enemies but others whisper was due to an injury suffered by Hikaru in the Hunt for the Anathema-Scribe.