Red Jade

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Red Jade can vary widely in coulour from the more fiery orange shades oft found in deserts to the bright reds of active volcanos to the deeper crimsons deep beneath cooled lava flows. It tends to be sharp and jagged, and warm to the touch.


Red Jade commonly occurs in areas of intense heat, such as deserts or volcanos. Extraction can be difficult, not due to particular depth but to environment: sometimes Red Jade can be harvested by sifting vast quantities of particular desert sand, but more often one must mine towards the hearts of volcanos to find it, bringing risks both from the natural heat of such places and the local spirits whose ire might be raised.


White Jade is the standard jade used in the currency of the Scarlet Empire. In artifice, it is used for artifacts that work with fire, for boosting reflexes, for inflicting pain, and for those bolstering Athletics (Ability), Dodge (Ability), Melee (Ability), Presence (Ability), or Socialize (Ability).

Magical Material Bonus

Weapons forged primarily of white jade strike with the searing heat of fire (sometimes producing literal flame), granting +3 to DMG.

Armour forged primarily from red jade have no Fatigue value, and environmental hazards suffered by the wearer are at -2 DMG (-3 for Fire-associated hazards such as heat).