Mnemon Debagrai

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Type: Dragonblooded

Aspect: Earth

Titles: Senator (Deliberative Greater Chamber);

Residence: Mnemon Wing (Imperial Palace).

Mnemon Caras Debagrai is an elder Senator of the House Mnemon caucus in the Deliberative. A daughter of Mnemon Caras, she is a firm supporter of her father in his opposition to princess Mnemon, and was the one who first publically used the term 'Sapphire Caucus' for their faction amongst the House's Senators.

In debate, Debagrai is loud and forceful, throwing insults readily and well able to strike blows during brawling. Her stances are inflexible, based on principle and devout adherence to the Immaculate Faith, and she brooks no compromise in pursuing what she sees as a righteous position.

In recent years, Debagrai has developed an increasingly heated dispute with fellow Mnemon senator Mnemon Stoqal, another of the caucus' most devout Immaculate adherents... while Stoqal holds that the theologically correct position of the Immaculate faithful ought be that Mnemon is true heir to the Throne as only she qualifies for the requirements of the 'Most Enlightened' accorded the Scarlet Empress my the Order. Debagrai does not object to the principle, but holds that Mnemon does not qualify to assume that role.