Ledaal Saturnia

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Type: Dragonblooded

Aspect: Air

Titles: Senator (Deliberative Greater Chamber), retired; City Maiden of Endings (House Ledaal City Maidens), colloquial; graduate (Heptagram);

Residence: Ledaal Wing (Imperial Palace); Howling Spire (Arjuf Dominion);

Ledaal Saturnia is an elder member of House Ledaal, often considered head of the House within the Imperial City. She is elder sister of Ledaal Yupitara, Ledaal Martia, Ledaal Venosa, and Ledaal Mercurio, and amongst their positions as so-called ‘City Maidens’ is known as the ‘City Maiden of Endings’.

A sorcerer trained at the Heptagram, Saturnia embraces both the dark reputation of sorcery and the Maiden title assigned her, showing little care for social niceties. Her appearance reflects this, embracing layers of her House lavender with darker funerary violet, skulls and demonic visages worked into jewelry and furnishings. Her features are severe, her gaze chilling. Her panoply includes the grand grimscythe Harvest of Silence and the Crown of Sea Gold, and she counts a Wind Jewel amongst her hearthstones.

As the City Maiden of Endings, Saturnia’s role is as final arbiter between the other Ledaal elders who oversee House interests in the Imperial City, ensuring their squabbles do not encroach on the interests of the Palace of Vines, and more generally seeing to it that threats to the Ledaal are brought to an immediate end. Saturnia is known both within and outside her House for her cold, harsh demeanour, her willingness to embrace final & absolute solutions to problems seeing her nickname of the ‘Maiden of Endings’ well deserved... those who defy the will of House Ledaal have reason to fear her, and those within the family who fail in their duty ought be even more on guard against the consequences.

Ledaal elders.jpg

Ledaal Yashiva, Ledaal Saturnia, and Ledaal Venosa

Saturnia has served as a Senator of House Ledaal’s Deliberative Caucus, though she attended the debate only infrequently. It is thought she worked to engineer her own retirement several times, only to be restored a scant few years after by the Scarlet Empress.

With her last husband having passed on some years ago, Saturnia is at present unbetrothed.

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