Infernal Schools of Sorcery

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Essence is the power of my master, and through it all usurpers shall be laid low.”

Infernal Sorcery

‘Infernal School Sorcery’ is not a single institution or philosophy, but a catch-all term to cover an array of sorcerous cults found in Creation, devoted to the powerful Yozis, those that were once the Primodials by whose hands Creation itself was wrought.

The underpinnings of Infernal Sorcery vary widely, as do the spells which come most easily to its practitioners. The pattern, however, is consistent: each school is devoted to one of the Yozi, and that Yozi is held as the source of sorcerous power, the workings of lesser sorcerers in the school acts where that being blesses its loyal worshippers with a small spark of its infinite power. Other sorcery, practiced by those outside the cult, is dismissed as stolen illegitimately by the treacherous bindings which hold their master low.

Amongst the Yozi Cults, access to sorcery has been a key and treasured power, vital to protecting them against being exterminated at the hands of gods and the Exalted, and allowing them to exert the influence of their patron upon Creation through the unbreakable bonds of their Malfean prison.

Infernal Spells

The spells an infernal sorcerer learns are those which reflect the nature of their Yozi patron, though demon summoning remains a common thread through the various cults.

Infernal Absorption

Infernal sorcery does not have a traditional sorcerous Absorption for its practitioners. To truly internalize the worldview of such sorcery is not achieved through enlightenment or state of mind, but through unification, through subordination of will. To achieve the Infernal Absorption is to become Akuma.