Hedonic Administration Panel

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The Algedonic Palace in Yu Shan, the strange and alien seraglio left by the ousted Primordials, is overseen by a sub-division of the Bureau of Heaven’s Division of Celestial Real Estate known as the Hedonic Administration Panel. The Panel’s task is to oversee the facility, and to select those gods or elementals (and on rarest occasions Sidereal Exalts, though no others) whose excellence as administrators merit a few hours within… in the First Age nearly all such access came at personal recommendation from one of the Incarnae, though with the withdrawal of the Unconquered Sun the Panel has also accepted some of those put forward by the heads of Heaven’s Bureaus, particularly their own Shogun, Ryzala.

Beneath the Panel is a nonvoting advisory sub-committee made up of two Sidereal Exalted Chosen of Serenity who are tasked (in addition to any of their other duties) with administering the day-to-day affairs of the Palace, including the selection of Odalisques, those gods and mortals whose skill and beauty allow them to serve in the gaps left as the ancient lovers & devices crafted by the Primordials perish or fail. The security of the Palace stands, unusually, outside the jurisdiction of the Division of Divine Order, maintaining its own independent force of Lion Dog bouncers (a source of frustration for the Celestial Lions).

Though it is far smaller, the Algedonic Palace competes directly with the Cerulean Lute of Harmony for both staff and reputation, much to the annoyance of the Division of Serenity. At times, the Maiden of Serenity Venus has attempted to pull the Panel under her aegis, but has found such efforts rebuffed even by the other Maidens.