Green Jade

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Green Jade comes in twisting, organic shapes, branching and twining like the roots of plants. Its colour varies widely, often depending on location, with that of the Blessed Isle (sometimes called ‘bamboo jade’) a pale green and that from the deep Eastern forests and Southwestern jungles darker or more vibrant in shade.


Green jade is most often found in forested or heavily wooded regions, and while its veins tend to be small they are typically closest to the surface of all the jades, reaching up to touch the roots of the eldest trees. Local forest spirits such as Dryads and Kodama can often become protective of the green jade beneath their domains, some seeing the value of a magical material, others knowing that the easiest way for those seeking green jade to extract it is through strip mining.


In artifice, Green Jade is used for artifacts that work with plants or animals, and for drawing in ambient Essence to empower an artifact, as well as those bolstering Archery (Ability), Medicine (Ability), Performance (Ability), Ride (Ability), or Survival (Ability).

Magical Material Bonus

Weapons forged primarily of green jadetake not just the life blood but the life energies of those they strike, granting +1 to DMG and stealing 1 mote of Essence from living creatures (with Essence Pools) that take damage from the attack, transferring it to the pool of the wielder.

Armour forged primarily from green jade have no Fatigue value, and environmental hazards suffered by the wearer are at -2 DMG (-3 vs. Wood-aligned hazards such as thick thorns or trampling stampedes).