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Cynis Wisel Patila is a Wood-aspected Dragonblood of House Cynis in the Scarlet Dynasty, a daughter of Senator Cynis Ataxis. Sometimes known as the 'Exalted Nose', Patila is a master perfumer whose fragrances and snuff mixtures are highly sought by members of the Dynasty both for personal use and for scenting stationary.

There is a long tradition of personal fragrance amongst Dynasts, who might mix their own or have a perfumer on their personal staff. Those less wealthy among the Realm's nobility often turn to more generally-available perfumes based on aspect or personal preference, but Patila's expertise means even her 'generic' bottles lie well outside the reach of all but the extremely wealthy. A personal fragrance from Patila is an invaluable prize, involving months if not years of observation and study by the perfumer, whose final formula will expertly interweave elements of the customer's history, personality, and circumstances.

Patila herself is regularly seen among the galas of the Imperial City and Pangu, and conducts her business from the Garden of Ten Thousand Glories in the City's Dynastic districts. In personal appearance she favours jewelry of Orichalcum, including a gem-encrusted incense bottle pendant, and a personal flagrance of lotus flower blended with jasmine and wine.

Statistics: Appearance 4, Perception 5, Lore 5, Craft:Water 5, Craft:Wood 5, Resources 5, Artifact 5, ?
Source: This is a *Tears of Themis* reference used to pin down a Dynast I'd been meaning to sort out eventually, lol