Blue Jade

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Blue Jade comes in thin, sharp-edged shapes, cool to the touch, surfaces ranging from the blue of the afternoon sky to pale and nearly transluscent. The jade has an almost misty sheen laced with clouds, and some say these clouds move and shift if the eye is quick enough to catch them.


Blue Jade occurs in places of extreme cold, such as the far North or the peaks of tall mountains. Individual veins of blue jade tend to be small, but often found in proximity to each other, resulting in mines consisting of numerous twisting tunnels, shafts, and entrances as miners seek to move on from expended veins to find new ones. Abandoned, emptied blue jade mines can often provide succour to travellers lucky enough to stumble upon them while trekking the Northern mountains... assuming no beasts have taken up the mines as their homes.


In artifice, blue Jade is used for artifacts that control weather or work with thoughts and dreams, and for those bolstering Linguistics (Ability), Lore (Ability), Occult (Ability), Stealth (Ability), or Thrown (Ability).

Fragments (particularly polished spheres) of blue jade are favoured by some soothsayers and fortune-tellers as a means of predicting the future, a practice is much more common in the Southern regions of Creation (where blue jade itself is most scarce).

Magical Material Bonus

Weapons forged primarily of blue jade move with the speed of lightning, granting +1 to DMG and +2 to Rate.

Armour forged primarily from black jade have no Fatigue value, and environmental hazards suffered by the wearer are at -2 DMG (-3 for Air-associated hazards such as blizzards).