Black Jade

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Black Jade is dark, glistening almost as if wet when polished, found naturally in rippling, flowing shapes. For the eye that looks upon it, it seems to offer infinite depth within.


Black Jade commonly occurs underwater, in areas of great depth such as deep lakes and most commonly the ocean floor. It is said that the deepest waters of the West rest atop vast fields of black jade, though these supposed quantities remain beyond the reach of even Water-aspected Terrestrials.


In artifice, Black Jade is used for artifacts that work with water or seek to affect spirits, and for those bolstering Brawl (Ability), Bureaucracy (Ability), Investigation (Ability), Larceny (Ability), or Sail (Ability).

Black Jade is also favoured for the prayer beads of Immaculate monks, as the depth of the material aid their meditations.

Magical Material Bonus

Weapons forged primarily of black jade flow like water to strike and parry, granting +1 to DMG and +2 to DEF.

Armour forged primarily from black jade have no Fatigue value, and environmental hazards suffered by the wearer are at -2 DMG (-3 for Water-associated hazards such as pressure).