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The First Age, also known as the Age of Wonders, began with the defeat of the Primordial rulers of Creation by the Exalted and the Incarnae in the Primordial War.

The term 'First Age', which since the dawn of the 'Second Age' in the Age of Sorrows has been a description used to contrast the two eras, was in use long before there was a second age at all: after the War, it was the first time that the gods ruled in Heaven and mortals (or those Exalted from the ranks of mortals) ruled the Earth. For some savants who considered the Primordial Age to be the Prehistoric Era, the First Age was also the first true period of history, the presence of '1' next to the nothingness of '0', a trend which saw its zenith during the Median Resplendent Period.

The First Age was long lasting, but more importantly was ‘measurable’, and so was divided into numerous ages and eras of its own. There is little dispute that the First Age encompassed the following periods:

- Age of Amaranth

- Age of Heavenly Peace

- Age of Unfurling Horizons

- Aftershock Era

- Age of Shining Reflections

- Median Resplendent Period

- Thousand Struggles Era

--- Snow Period

--- Broken Dragons Period

--- Cascading Years

- Period of Long Silence

- Years of Iridescent Frenzy

- High First Age

Those few historians with knowledge of such details continue to dispute just what event marked the end of this era, most divided into two camps: one holds that the close of the First Age occurred during the Usurpation, when the glory and majesty of the Golden Age were brought to an end by the overthrow of the Solar Exalted by the Dragonblooded. The other camp holds that the Usurpation did not mark such a profound transition, and the First Age continued through the Shogunate Era, finally brought to a close by the devastating impact of the Great Contagion.

Regardless of when the historians involved in such disputes think the First Age ended, they are agreed that it was followed by the Second Age, the Age of Sorrows.

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