Brawl (Ability)

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Primordial Association:
Astrological Association: The Sword in the House of Endings
Celestial Associations: Dawn,
Elemental Association: Water
Example Specialties: Punching, Kicking, Blocking, Grappling, Biting, Dirty Tricks, Duels, Multiple Opponents, While Intoxicated, Demonstrations.

The Brawl ability is the ability which covers fighting unarmed, including with natural weapons and with most weapons tagged as Brawl Enhancer (BE) or Clinch Enhancer (CE). It also covers Grappling.

Much as Melee covers the vastly different array of weapons from swords to spears to axes to and beyond, the Brawl ability represents a wide variety of unarmed combat techniques including untrained brawling, professional wrestling, and the precise forms of a large number of Martial Arts Styles.

Martial Arts are often associated with the Brawl ability because they are based on understanding of the user’s essence flows and personal enlightenment, which is most easily expressed when unarmed. This does not, however, mean that all Martial Arts require Brawl, nor that they must use Brawl at all (see examples such as Drifting Clouds Style).

Occasionally some will confuse the term 'Martial Arts' with the term Brawl, and refer to a Martial Arts Ability... a linguistic quirk that may require occasional substitution.